Seafood Benefits For Health

Seafood has many benefits for our bodies. A Peneitian at McGill University found that eating fish can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Eating seafood twice a week also gives effect to both your body and do not raise cholesterol levels. Here are some seafood that have benefits most from the others.

Sardines are one of the most nutrient-rich foods, contain much omega 3 and fatty acids, which can help regulate cholesterol levels in the blood and helps the brain and memory. Not only that, sardines also contain calcium and vitamin D is good for the bones, and koenxim Q10 (CoQ10), which helps improve heart health.

Mackerel contains more omega 3 than salmon. Mackerel also contains selenium which is good for immunity. Selenium works with protein in the body to form yabg antioxidant enzymes can protect the body from the ill effects of mercury.

Tilapia fish that contain omega 3 and omega-6 is popular among the people because the price is relatively cheap and delicious flavor. Fish is also low in cholesterol than other seafood dishes.

Haddock Fish contains magnesium, vitamin B6, niacin, and phosphorus. Sports fishing is by way of burned or steamed. Do not process it by frying to avoid saturated fat from the frying process.

Seaweed contains more vitamins, iron, iodine, and fluoride is good for growth and healthy teeth and bones. Seaweed is also rich in fiber is good for the digestive system.

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