Wories about Getting Old

Usually the women are concerned with the aging process. But it turns out men also had a fear when they become older. At least there are 3 things that most make him worried when it becomes old.

Many people are afraid to grow old, because usually when the body condition has declined and has a risk of certain diseases associated with old age.

This also applies to men, although men do not express it in a clear but still there was the anxiety they experienced.

As quoted from MSNHealth, Thursday (21/10/2010) there are 3 of anxiety experienced by men when it becomes old, namely:

Ken Robbins, a professor from the University of Wisconsin said that men are far more concerned about sexual performance. When libido began to decrease, then the man will feel very embarrassed and make belief itself to be reduced.

This is reinforced by a study in the UK in 2008 which showed men think about sex 13 times a day compared to women who are only 5 times a day.

The condition of impotence was much frightening to men than cancer or death and impotence is usually associated with an abnormal coronary network, high blood pressure and high blood fat.

To prevent expected of men regularly check cholesterol levels, because two-thirds of men who were detected to have heart attacks has been experiencing erectile dysfunction since the previous 3 years.

Men always want to be strong and can do everything. Because of growing old will make a man think losing physical strength that made him unable to do things the same way again. Based on a survey of the American Geriatrics Society Foundation found 9 out of 10 men to feel weak and dependent by another person as one of the most feared if it becomes old.

To prevent this from start doing exercise and eating healthy foods early in life. This can help add strength and also protect the health of the muscle.

Affected by Alzheimer’s or senile
Based on research from the Mayo Clinic in September 2010 as published in the journal Neurology says that men are more likely to have mild cognitive impairment or sometimes called a pre-Alzheimer’s. It is estimated that nearly 1 in 5 men aged 70-85 years experiencing forgetfulness and dementia conditions early.

Until now there is no sure way to prevent disease,
but by having a healthy lifestyle can help lower the risk.

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