Causes of Acne in Adults

Facial acne is a problem that is often faced teenager. At puberty, teenage acne is more related to hormonal problems which become active. However, many adults also take care of acne is still confusion. Various means have been attempted, but still stubborn acne.

What should I do if my face was still plagued acne? There are afraid to use moisturizer, some are so scream if face not clean, and many other treatments are actually wrong and could aggravate existing acne.

Various erroneous action may often you do, the hope will be resolved acne and facial skin becomes more attractive. Try to follow the following beautiful tricks, so you can treat the skin better, and the results are more satisfying.

1. Excessive cleaning.
No cleansing routine is not good, but excessive cleaning can also aggravate the skin’s oil production. As a result of existing acne even worse.

2. Scrubs are too harsh.
Doing scrubs face three times a week to clean the skin of toxins, sebum, and bacteria. The problem is, not all the scrubs good for sensitive acne prone skin. Scrub that is too coarse will remove the protective layer of skin. This actually makes the skin easy to emerge acne. Choose a gentle scrub and apply to face and blend it with soft circular motion.

3. Do not wear masks
At first, using a mask cleaning seems like aggravate acne. However, the mask was good to help cure acne quickly.

4. Never use a moisturizer
People with oily skin and acne tends to miss the ritual of wearing a moisturizer because it thinks moisturizer will exacerbate acne. Indeed owners still need to wear a greasy face moisturizer, but they must choose a noncomedogenic product that will not clog pores.

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