Fat Children Threatened Hypertension

Parents should be aware of weight gain of children. Children who suffer from overweight and obesity risk for high blood pressure (hypertension). As we know, hypertension can cause complications later in life, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

“The impact of obesity on high blood pressure vary in each child depending on the category of fat,” said Wanzhu Tu, a researcher of hypertension in children.

He added, is actually quite easy to reduce the risk of hypertension in children. “Lose weight a little child alone is enough to control blood pressure,” he said.

In his research, Tu and his team collected data on 1113 child’s blood pressure. The researchers then compared the body mass index to determine normal levels of blood pressure by age, sex, and height. The researchers found that body weight reduction in children classified as overweight effect on blood pressure.

The experts warn, overweight and obesity in children is not only associated with high blood pressure, but also high cholesterol levels, decreasing insulin resistance and blood vessel function is not normal.

Hypertension in children is no known cause. Therefore, parents should be alert and her blood pressure measured regularly. Parents need to prevent child overweight. Some studies also found that hypertension in children is usually found in children who suffer from kidney disease, central nervous, cardiovascular, and endocrine.

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