Simple way to Improve Memory

With age increases usually the power of human brain works will decreases. As a result, memory will decrease or could be known as senile. Even if you lack a good lifestyle can cause syndrome of memory impairment, Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s is a syndrome that is most feared by most people, because this syndrome sufferers can erase the entire memory slowly. Here are some ways to avoid syndromes that would interfere with your brain function in storing memory.

1. Chewing gum
The study, published in medical journals Apetite found that chewing gum can help students absorb the knowledge they learn and improve memory. This is because chewing gum increases the heart rate which will expedite the flow of blood to the brain.

2. Exercise regularly
Not only good for your body because it can burn calories, exercise regularly is also good for your brain’s performance. Doing regular exercise is known to improve memory and increase the quality of sleep.

3. Caffeine
Effects of caffeine to the body is still being debated in the medical world. Some experts believe that consuming caffeine good for the body while others reject the statement. According to some research done last 5 years, caffeine can improve short-term memory, protect older women against dementia and even help the recovery of a person after suffering Alzheimer’s syndrome.

4. Siesta
It may be difficult for you to close your eyes for a moment during the day, but one study found nap during the day can help the brain to store memory. Make sure the maximum amount you spend for a nap is 45 minutes.

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