Fitness Improves Sex drive

Those who are fitness fanatics have a higher sex drive, say scientists. The conclusion was obtained after they examine the relationship between physical exercise and personality.

Dr Peter Biro of ecology and evolution research center of University Of South Wales, Sydney, Australia, say they are fond of fitness are also more aggressive and socially dominant. “A lot of scientific evidence from numerous studies showing that those who have a higher metabolic rate and are more prone to physical exercise have a high sex drive, he said.

“We often assume that people with athletic body would behave aggressively and dominant in the social sphere while men are more quiet and awkward as a freak who obey,” said Dr Brio. “It’s a form of generalization, but many people would agree with that conclusion”, he continued . In an article published in the journal ‘Trends in Ecology and Evolution’ Dr bureau said its conclusions came after he investigated the relationship between behavior and metabolic rate in a number of insects, birds and other animals. Metabolism is a chemical process in the body which aims to convert food into energy.

Meanwhile, Chris Jones, chief of psychology at the Nuffield Health said that while there is a direct relationship between physical exercise and sexual drive, also there is a link between regular physical exercise with tetosteron and adrenaline levels in the body. “There is scientific evidence that explain the increasing number of tetosteron and adrenaline in men and women will increase libido,” said Jones.

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