Want Slim? Do not turn on the lights at bedtime

The secret of maintaining an ideal weight was as easy as turning off lights when going rest bedroom at night, according to a study.

The experts from Ohio State University in the United States declared, the body is constantly exposed to light at night will experience changes in metabolism. As a result, the weight of the body can continue to grow, although the number of calories diasup unchanged.

According to the findings of the experts, staying up late at night can cause changes in eating habits, where the number of calories will be more entry into the body at night when your metabolism begins to decline.

Evidence of other studies have indicated, night shift workers more prone to illness heart and diabetes.

In recent research published journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the experts concluded that exposure to light can affect body weight. The conclusion was obtained through experiments using mice in laboratory animals.

From the results of monitoring. groups of rats exposed to light at night for eight weeks experienced weight three times greater than the group of mice that illuminated a darker light.

“Although no differences in the level of activity or consumption of food, rat-lit at night to be fatter than others,” said Laura Fonken, researchers from Ohio State University.

Researchers say weight gain is clear not only the number of calories in and out, but depending on the circadian rhythm of body clock atan. Fonken said, these mice do not experience decreased activity or mengasup more food, but they tend to eat at ‘different times’.

“Light at night is the environmental factors that may contribute to the obesity epidemic in ways that are not expected by society. Obesity is on the community associated with a number of factors including duration of exposure to light at night,” said another researcher Professor Randy Nelson.

For example, experts have identified the duration of computer use and watching television as trigger factors of obesity, but its focus is often on how it is related to the lack of activity.

In fact, Nelson said, those who use the computer or watching TV at night may be eat food at the wrong time, so that disrupt their metabolism.

“Obviously, to maintain body weight need to keep your calorie intake remains low and high physical activity, but environmental factors can explain how they are to maintain energy balance her weight was still increasing,” he said.

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