Getting older… increasingly rare laugh ?

Laughter is an expression of happiness. In addition to making us more relaxed, laughing also believed to have the power to heal. But, did you know that the more we old, we increasingly rare laugh?

“Every age has a scale period laughed to himself. The age of the most rare laugh was at the age of the 50’s,” said Dr Lesley Harbidge, researchers from the University of Glamorgan, UK.

In a study conducted Harbidge, children aged under five years old (toddlers) and children laugh 300 times a day because life for them is very enjoyable. Meanwhile, groups of teenagers laughing average 6 times a day. Things that can trigger them laugh is the misfortune of others.

In adulthood, the number of laughs get a little more, namely live 4 times a day. However, in the 30s, the numbers will increase to 5 times a day and continue to grow as a child.

When we enter their 50s, researchers from Britain found, they laugh at most 3 times a day and the number shrank to 2.5 times at the age of 60 years. They also rarely tell jokes.

In fact, laughter is the most effective stress medicine. “When laughed body will release endorphins. The days are equipped with laughter would make us less exposed to stress,” says Harbidge.

The experts also found that the nature like mad and complain that experienced by older people, or called Victor Meldrew syndrome is more often experienced by men than women.

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