Why Deaf person have the capability of other senses sharper?

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses of each, as well as people suffering from hearing loss deaf alias. Deaf person usually have the capability of other senses sharper than people with normal hearing. Why so?

People who experience hearing loss will have the ability in other senses are sharper, usually in the sense of vision. However, as long as there is no explanation how it happened.

But a recent study by Canadian researchers, can show how people are born with hearing loss have more capability in the sense of vision.

“The brain is very efficient and will not let the unused space wasted just like that,” said Dr. Stephen Lomber, lead investigator from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, as quoted by BBC News, Monday (10/11/2010).

Dr Lomber explains, the study does show that deaf people with the disorder in the brain regions usually associated with loss of hearing (edge) will have increased in other brain regions, namely peripheral vision.

This makes the deaf have a sharper sense of vision than people with normal hearing.

“If the auditory cortex or the brain that processes sound information are not active, then the brain will increase the ability of peripheral vision, which is associated with a sense of vision,” Dr Lomber explained.

Dr Lomber also added, the brain will compensate or offset the loss with other useful enhancements.

“For example, if you’re deaf, you will have the ability to see another car coming from far away in your peripheral vision. You can not hear, but you are able to accurately detect how fast an object moves with the eye,” explained Dr Lomber further .

These findings have been published in the Nature Neuroscience journal.

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