Breast cancer relapse more easily in dense breasts

Density of breast tissue was associated with risk of recurrence in breast cancer. The more solid, more must be wary of the possibility of breast cancer to grow back on the same or next.

Chance of recurrence in breast cancer have denser network reaches 2-fold compared to the less dense. In fact the risk is 3 times greater for breast cancer for the next attack.

This conclusion is expressed by experts from Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California. Journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention preloads on October 7, 2010 edition.

Of the 935 women who suffer from a type of cancer ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), 164 of whom experienced recurrence in the same breast. Meanwhile, 59 women experienced recurrence in the other breast.

Based on the investigation, the women who experienced recurrence of that has a relatively more breast tissue dense than others. In observations with a mammogram, which is more dense breast tissue looks white.

“The density of breast tissue is one of the strongest risk factor after the family history,” said Laurel A. Abel, PhD, of Kaiser Permanente of Medicinenet quoted as saying on Monday (10/11/2010).

To be sure, the relationship between breast density with risk of recurrence is not known. But surprisingly, it was influenced by the hormonal conditions that allow cancer to grow more easily.

In line with the results of the study, National Cancer Institute called on women who have breast with high density to more frequently consult. This factor is often ignored by physicians in the examination of breast cancer.

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