wife’s loving hug saved Steve’s life

A hug can save the life of a loved one. It happened on the couple Steve Taylor and Becky Taylor.

It did not occur earlier by Becky Taylor (42) if his arms would save Steve Taylor (44), her husband. Due to the hug, Steve was saved from a heart condition.

Initially, Becky derived from Bradwell, Derbyshire, England, she felt something strange with Steve heartbeat. Strangeness of the unconscious when Becky was hugging Steve. Becky who happened to be a general doctor immediately took the stethoscope and checked his heartbeat. Through a stethoscope Becky know if Steve have abnormal heartbeat and “noisy”.

Suspicious about the condition of his heart, Steve did not want to wait long to contact cardiologist. The assessment reveals that Steve was experiencing swelling in the aortic heart.

The swelling could explode at any time if not immediately can cause of death. Not wanting to waste time, Steve immediately planned an operation to repair her heart condition.

“Steve is very lucky because strangely in her heart immediately known. If not known, he could perform heavy activities such as exercise and led to the explosion of blood vessels. Many people are not fortunate to experience it, “said Becky.

Steve is now in a period of recovery and was able to return to normal work. Steve is also trying to improve the condition of her body with biking and walking regularly.

Condition swelling of blood vessels as experienced Steve is very rarely realized only with the easy way. Typically, the condition known as sufferers experience pain in the chest and his condition had declined. As in the case of all known Steve for a hug from a loved one.

Becky, currently active in raising funds for heart research through the activities of ‘mountain bike’. He is one of the 200 people who participated in the competition and crossed the Dark Peak Challenge along 34 miles to help the British Heart Foundation (British Heart Foundation).

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