‘Computer Face’ threaten computer users

Do you spend most time at the computer? If yes, then you have a great risk of suffering from facial or computer ‘computer face’.

People who are spending long hours in front of the computer for hours a day have a substantial risk to suffering the ‘computer face’.

If allowed to continue, the body that person will change. The changes are, among others, have loose skin around the jaw and chin (turkey neck) and wrinkles around the forehead and eyes.

Face computer is a new term that describes a person’s face and body imperfections. This condition is almost the same as the term ‘banana roll’ to excess fat below the buttocks.

This term is not in the dictionary of medicine, but new words keep popping up in terms of cosmetic surgery, showing wrinkles and excess fat in the body. The most visible wrinkles in between the eyebrows. So the computer’s face is still a new term.

“The women are now using computers in the workplace for a long time, so that it can cause problems far worse. In 10 years, they will have face a very dire,” said Dr. Michael Prager, cosmetic surgeon in London, as quoted from ABCNews, on Saturday (10/09/2010).

Generally, patients will come to perform plastic surgery and fix the shape of his face. But doctors usually will try to do something to prevent any serious medical disorders. Yet some women still ask for plastic surgery to repair his face.

Face the computer will make someone feel less confident and embarrassing, so most people will try to eliminate it through plastic surgery.

To prevent this, should not be too long in front of the computer, because in addition to the face can cause your computer can also damage the eye.

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