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Myth and Facts about Cholesterol

A lot of myths circulating among the public about cholesterol. The lack of true understanding can lead to misinformation about cholesterol and symptoms. Therefore, it is important to straighten the myths that have long circulated in the community for cholesterol symptoms can be avoided with more careful and precise.

Myth: Eating goat meat will cause high cholesterol and hypertension.
Fact: Not true. There is no evidence that goat meat has a higher fat content than any other red meat.

Myth: In people with high cholesterol, if diligent exercise and diet and body in a condition fit means good cholesterol.
Fact: In addition to exercise and diet, there are other things that affect cholesterol levels, such as weight, smoking, family history, age, and gender. For cholesterol awake, it takes a healthy lifestyle and medication adherence.

Myth: High cholesterol and cardiovascular only disease on man.
Fact: Not true. Although before the menopause women produce estrogen which can reduce the risk of heart disease, but keep in mind other factors such as hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes, heredity, and so forth.

Myth: Just avoid the meat, coconut milk, and organ meats, cholesterol must be normal.
Fact: Not necessarily, because 80 percent of blood cholesterol is produced from within our own bodies. When metabolism is deteriorating, then the drug is needed in addition to a healthy lifestyle modification.

Myth: High cholesterol levels are not dangerous because they do not cause symptoms.
Fact: Although asymptomatic, high cholesterol levels are dangerous because they alter the blood vessel wall and trigger coronary heart disease.

Myth: High cholesterol is only suffered by parents.
Fact: High cholesterol can be suffered by people of various age groups, ranging from children, teens, to parents.

Myth: Fat people have higher cholesterol levels than thin people.
Fact: Not necessarily, because the cholesterol level is affected by many factors, including what we eat, how fast your body to produce and dispose of bad cholesterol, level of health and eating habits.

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