New Formula to prolong life ?

Human effort to obtain better quality of life and longevity will never-ending. Scientists in Europe have even found a potion to prolong life. At least, it claimed success ingredients tested on mice in the laboratory.

Although the new phase of successful trials on mice, scientists were convinced that the herb would be beneficial to humans, especially those who suffer from illness and old age.

As reported by the Telegraph, scientists from the University of Milan Italy using certain mixtures of amino acids dissolved in water and then given to a middle-aged rats. Rats age then increased significantly longer than other mice that received no fluid intake.

Rats fed a mixture of three amino acids, namely leucine, isoleucine, and valine, have a life span of 869 days with a center point. While the mice that did not consume potions midpoint only 774 days or have a difference of 12 percent.

Increased longevity is also accompanied by biological changes that promote the availability of energy into the cell and reduce oxidative damage caused by destructive molecules called free radicals. As a result, rats fed a mixture of amino acids that have more stamina and better muscle coordination.

“This is the first evidence that the amino acid mixture can extend the life of mice,” said Dr Enzo Nisoli, leader of the study.

A year ago, scientists have shown that the same amino acid mixture can extend the life of single-celled creatures.

The researchers also emphasize, as released in the journal Cell Metabolism, experiments using mice that do not just relate to prolong life, but also improve health.

The scientists believe that a mixture of amino acids could help elderly people and sick patients, especially those suffering from liver disease and acute lung as well as those suffering from diseases characterized by decreased energy.

Leucine, isoleucine, and valine is part of the amino acids that seem to have an anti-aging ingredients.

Rats given a mixture of three amino acids were shown to produce more mitochondria, the cell that function to produce energy, especially in liver and skeletal muscle.

According to the researchers, consume amino acids tend to be more efficient than the protein containing the same amino acid. In contrast to proteins, amino acids do not need to digest and can go straight into the bloodstream. “Amino acids not waste energy,” said Dr Nisoli.

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