Who is Control the Brain?

Every part of body regulated by the brain because it functions as a central coordination, intelligence and a place to store all forms of memory. Who would dare to regulate the brain?

It turned out that fat cells that regulates the brain. Fat cells to the brain sends messages to each other and have some kind of role. Millions of messages back and forth in this process.

“In the past, people might think that fat tissue is a passive organ. But it is now clear that fat cells make and release hormones and proteins that may be more than other organs,” said Rexford S Ahima, an endocrinologist at the University of Pennsylvania , as quoted by The HuffingtonPost, Thursday (10/07/2010).

In 1994, scientists identified a hormone produced by fat cells named leptin. Leptin tells the brain obtained on duty how much fat in the body.

In this study also revealed the relationship of direct communication between the brain and fat cells, which suggests that fat cells affect or regulate the brain.

In addition, fat cells also send signals that cause blood vessels to constrict, increasing blood pressure and make the shape of a blood clot. This is what explains how obesity can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

In the body of an average adult contains about 27 billion fat cells, while the body of someone who is overweight can contain fat cells to 300 billion cells, which means it may contain 10 times more than the normal body.

Fat cells also perform several important functions such as making the body feel warm, give protection, providing deposits or reserves of energy, regulate body functions and refine one’s physical appearance.

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