Keep your eyes safe from Computer’s Side Effects

In fact, people often spend 12-14 hours in front of a computer screen. This is very dangerous for the eyes, and can cause eye fatigue, redness, itching and can make health gradually declining eyesight.

The best thing to do to prevent these symptoms are away from the computer. But for some, the activity was not possible.

Here’s a solution for those who must use a computer, but still able to maintain their eye health through simple tips :

1. Set where you work it right.
Make sure you do not work in a dark room. Place your computer in the appropriate place, so that the light produced a computer screen does not bother your eyes.

Determine also the optimal distance from the computer screen to your eyes. Remember that the monitor should be slightly below the eye. Tilt the screen slightly away from your position. Make sure the contrast of your monitor compliance and keep your screen clean from dust and fingerprints.

If you can not see on-screen icons or symbols in the text properly, make it look bigger. Do not force your eyes to see it.

2. Short break at work.
Rest for a while when using the computer. Your vision is more important. Break every hour or half hour. The more you relax, the better for the eyes.

Leave 5 minutes every 30 minutes or 10 minutes to see a distant object. Or get up to do some stretching for several minutes.

3. Perform special eye exercises.
It sounds weird and complicated, but actually quite easy and does not take long. In addition, you can do exercises for the eyes wherever you want, including your workplace.

4. Do palming exercises
These yoga techniques can help relax the nervous system and maintain the vision. Rub your palms together to warm. Then close your eyes with your palms.

Make sure your fingers touching the forehead. Feel a sense of calm and think of something that makes you happy while doing it. Stay in this position as long as you can, doing the minimum time is 30 seconds.

Optimal time is 4 minutes, but if you do more as you need.

5. Blink more often.
When people see things, including a monitor for a long time, they tend to blink less. This can make dry eyes and irritation. So, blink more often when you work at a computer.

6. Use eye drops.
Eye drops have a major role to make your eyes wet, if you forget to blink and your eyes are too dry. Visit your doctor to determine the best eye drops for you.

These tips are very helpful in protecting the eyes when you work at a computer. But there’s nothing wrong if you visit the doctor, at least once in six months to check your eye health. Good luck!

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