Let’s Recognize the Early Symptoms of Stroke Attack

The old adage says prevention is better than cure. Of course this applies to almost every health problem, especially stroke. This type of interference is due to the blockage of blood supply to a part of the brain and can cause sudden series of biochemical reactions, which can damage or kill nerve cells in the brain.

Its sudden, often makes it difficult to detect early symptoms. So often, sufferers often end in death. Then how to know the early warning to avoid this deadly attack. Listen exposure below :

1. Severe headache that comes on suddenly with no known cause. While this may be normal headaches of everyday life, but when someone is attacked with headache suddenly with no known cause, it’s good for serious attention to these symptoms. Especially when there is disease in the history of hypertension or if you have previously had suffered a stroke.

2. Trouble seeing in one or two eyes. This may be in the form of blurred vision, blindness, or double vision. When this happens, it usually signals that the optic nerve in the brain affected by the presence of inflammation, lumps, or bleeding in the brain.

3. Mild drowsiness or dizziness, vomiting, and sudden confusion. This case can also be an important warning sign. Because the signals the brain can not get enough oxygen.

4. Difficulty speaking or understanding speech of others. This sign is a signal problem in the brain that facilitates language.

5. Sudden weakness or numbness in the arms, face, legs, or hands, especially along one side of the body. Symptoms to indicate a problem in the brain that regulate body movement system

Typically, the symptoms of a stroke lasts for 24 hours. Nevertheless, the signs are not entirely to signal the existence of a stroke. To be more sure, check immediately to the nearest hospital if things above visited.

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