3 Tips for Men with really Small Penises

Penis size is not the only responsible thing to make a woman orgasm. The man can please a woman with a small penis size.

So that was delivered by sex Adviser, Lloyd Lester. Here are some ways for a small penis that can provide results that ‘big':

1. The truth about penis size
Ask any woman who loves and has experienced great sex. He will tell you that the size of the ‘maturity’ is not the only person that makes him enjoy the game in bed. So leave aside the desire to extend Mr P! Mr P is great indeed a great asset owned, but the skills you bring to bed will determine during sex.

2. Mr P what else can do?
If a man has a small penis like a mosquito, he can still beat the man who has the “assets” is much bigger! As long as you know how to please, enjoy, and stroked every woman’s right, you can bring great sex in bed, anytime anywhere! “And believe me when I say that them, Casonovas and Don Juan in the world, on average only have Mr. P with an average size,” said Lester.

3. Myths about the penetration and orgasm
Penetration is only one thing that happens during sexual intercourse. Well, that’s what most men think. When the turbulent pleasures, most men will focus only on themselves and pumping until they reach the inevitable destination-their own orgasms. But if the woman you enjoy it as well? Well, probably not!

You see, women are very different from men. Women not only live for the moment of orgasm. They enjoyed the way they were brought to a climax level.

“The simple truth is most women are not able to achieve orgasm with just penetration alone, because the nerve center of the female orgasm is not stimulated through penetration. So your penis, big or small, not much describes how far off a wave of incredible pleasure in him, “Lester said.

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