Ideal Time for Contact Lenses use

When the ideal time to use contact lenses? Actually usage instruction of contact lenses already exist on the package wrapper. But still, there are users who do not heed them.

Eye surgeon from India, Dr. Keiki Mehta, said that ideally the use of contact lenses is no more than six hours a day. If you still need it, you must remove it first. Then wash and moisten with liquid contact lenses for 20 minutes, just wear again.

The demand for contact lenses is high, unfortunately, not all users understand the risks that threaten the health of their eyes. Contact lenses are a practical choice for those who have impaired vision.

Also for those who want to look more trendy, with a color display like brown eyes, gray, blue, green, and so on. The most common risk factor is the use of contact lenses beyond the recommended life.

Users must understand that contact lenses have a maximum time limit when used every day. UK Female First magazine recently conducted a survey of several women in Britain, was more than 90 percent of contact lens users use it for seven hours a day. In fact, no less than those who often forget to still use contact lenses when sleeping.

The use of contact lenses that exceed the time limit, it can cause lack of oxygen to the eye. Eyes can become itchy, red and watery.

This should not be underestimated, for allowing the eye to lack of oxygen can cause swelling of the cornea and lead to impaired vision worse.

Also when wearing contact lenses, you also should avoid dusty and smoky areas to avoid irritation. Do not let foreign objects such as sand or dirt get into the eyes small.

Rubbing the eyes can also irritate the cornea and cause an infection. Do not let your eye health is at stake. Consider the recommendations and limits the use of contact lenses before wearing them.

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