Know More In Women’s C-Spot

Women have sensitive points are spelled out much. Even some states more than men.

In addition to the point of the popular G-Spot, of course there are many other sensitive areas are not less great if exposed to stimuli. One is the C Spot, point C-Spot is another term for the clitoris sensitive areas.

This section is very sensitive to stimulation. It lies hidden around the sex organs. Once the sensitivity of this gland, to the many women who feel pain and hurt when touched or distimuli directly with the hand or something hard and dry.

Women love the stimuli given at this point. Sanga sensitive clitoris when stimulated with oral or Mr. P. Games oral sex in this area is able to deliver on the female partner arousal orgasm, even multiple orgasms.

Usually after a woman has a passion that culminated aka aroused, her clitoris will enlarge and length so that its sensitivity will be higher. This is almost the same as man feels in his penis.

Therefore, no wonder many people who say that the clitoris together with the head of the penis. Therefore, the clitoris consists of erectile tissue and glands that are filled with blood when a woman aroused.

Clitoris can be elongated and erect like a penis. There can be out or swell the surface and some are actually entered into but remain in full erection. The clitoris is growing from the same fetal tissue with the penis, it’s just because it was unique and special presence.

In order to obtain sexual pleasure, then it is recommended to each partner to provide sufficient stimulus to the female clitoris area.

Of course, there are many other female erogenous zones that can make sexual arousal rise. So, soon discovered the erogenous zones of women and enjoy the presence of a greater passion

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