Women also have Early Orgasm

Do not underestimate sex. The rupture of the household may arise from this. Many women are annoyed when watching their partner “sluggish” before competing. So the wife feels neglected in the affairs of inner satisfaction.

But what if premature ejaculation happens in women. How so? A study conducted Magalhaes Lemos Hospital, Portugal, showed as much as 40 percent of women claimed to have suffered from sexual dysfunction, while three percent described the problem as a chronic thing.

In a survey, the hospital sent a questionnaire to women aged 18 to 45 years. In the questionnaire they were asked to give answers about the frequency of premature orgasm, the feeling of loss of control during orgasm, and the effects of stress caused.

Research published in the Journal Sexologies, showed as much as 40 percent said they experienced ejaculation sooner than desired at some point. “For this group, premature ejaculation for more women to be serious pressure when compared with men,” said study leader, Serafim Carvalho.

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