Too many Drugs Make Men Impotence?

Men with chronic health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol more likely to develop erectile dysfunction, compared to healthy men. However, in the new study found, investigators released a link between drug use and erectile dysfunction.

Of the 37,700 men, researchers found that drugs pose a higher risk of erectile dysfunction in men. Men who are taking three to five eggs a day, 15 percent possibility can be affected by erectile dysfunction. Medication than those who drank less.

“However, this research does not prove that the drug is to blame,” said senior researcher Dr. Steven J. Jacobsen, Department of Kaiser Permanente Southern California Research and Evaluation. “We’ve been trying to find the underlying cause,” he told.

Nevertheless, he did not dismiss if the drug can affect the male erection problems. “The data shows there are some characteristics of men and some medications that can affect them in erectile dysfunction” he said.

Furthermore, Jacobsen said it’s possible the drug itself can contribute to worsen the erectile dysfunction drug interaction. But, there is no way to know with certainty from these findings. “He certainly did not have to stop taking their medication without consulting your doctor,” he said.

He suggested, for men who had erectile dysfunction because of the influence of drugs, should be able to ask the doctor to the problem can be overcome by lowering the dose of the drug, or try other alternative treatments.

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