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Avocado is not causing Fat

What was thinking if serving avocado juice? There may be a welcomed and there is also holding a sense of want to taste in order to maintain his weight. So far we know that avocados contain fat which can make the body fat. It turned out that our thinking about it wrong. In fact it turns out avocados can lose weight. The facts below will explain why the avocado did not make weight to be climbed.

One surprising fact is found by a Potchefstroom Institute of Nutrision at Potchefstroom University, in his findings at the mention that the avocado can facilitate a person’s body weight reduction. This break assumtion that avocados can cause fat or gaining weight. Avocados do contain fat, even a very high fat content. But fat is “good fats” that is a monounsaturated fat called oleic common omega-9. These fats can lower bad cholesterol in our bodies.

In addition to contain “good fats”, avocados are also high in fiber. With these fibers will be disposed of with the bad cholesterol junk foods. A medium-sized avocado contains 10 grams of fiber, which means 40% is enough fiber in one day.

Avocados also contain the mineral potassium. Half a medium-size avocado contains 546 mg of potassium, which means higher 15% of the potassium content in bananas. Potassium itself is beneficial for lowering high blood pressure, pulse control and maintain the health of the nervous system.

If the three above content is of good fats, fiber, and potassium combined will prevent diseases caused by hypertension and excess cholesterol, in particular those affected by stroke and heart disease. And who have diabetes also may benefit who usually suffer the same risk of complications.

Apparently during the time we have been prejudiced in avocado. Happy news for those who love avocados but there is a problem with weight, eating avocados can now calmly. But of course do not overdo it. Something healthy but not excessive either. So eat avocados every day to meet the taste of omega-9, vitamin E, potassium, and fiber in the body. So that form the body healthy. Balance with other foods, to health awake with the contents of a balanced diet.

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