Fruits Good for Male Fertility

This is important for the men. Scientists in Brazil, advised the men to eat fruits and grains. The goal is to increase the likelihood of successful fertilization outside the womb.

A study revealed that a lack of nutritious foods and being overweight can lower sperm concentration. It also affects the ability of sperm to swim toward the egg. The habit of drinking alcohol can also make the quality of male fertility decline.

Principal investigators and Fertility Center Help Conception Edson Borges says, the concentration of sperm is affected negatively by the index weight and alcohol consumption.

The study was conducted involving 250 men and their partners. They are mostly doing fertility treatments, or better known as IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Each participant was asked to say how often they consumed a number of foods, including fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, meat and fish. They also asked about alcohol consumption habits.

After that, the researchers analyzed the sperm samples. This is done to determine the health of the respondent and sperm concentration. Each pair was also monitored during treatment.

After investigation revealed the man who eat healthy foods especially rich in fruits and grains, and not drinking alcohol has an extremely good quality sperm. That’s why experts encourage people to go on a diet on foods rich in fruits and seeds for the success of their treatment process.

While men who like to drink alcohol and eat less nutritious foods tend to be less fertile. It is seen from the speed of sperm swimming toward the egg. Lynn Westphal, a specialist in the field of health and fertility of Stanford University, hopes that the research results are published in the journal Fertility and Sterility. So that could encourage people to choose healthier lifestyles.

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