Many Children Can Reduce Stroke Risk

Apparently, many children can reduce the risk of stroke. It was based on a study by the University of California, United States, which found that if a woman has many children, he rarely died of a stroke.

A study of 1,300 women in Calofornia, USA, revealed, if women who had four or more children have a 50 percent reduced risk of dying from a stroke. According to researchers, it is probably due to high circulating hormones during pregnancy. Impact is very positive for the blood vessels.

“Women in this study, have a lower risk of death from CVD (cardiovascular disease),” said Marni Jacobs, one of the researchers, not long ago. She adding, physiological changes in women because of pregnancy can cause lasting effects on health.

The risk of stroke decreases as women with many children reflect fertility for women who have a healthy body. In addition, the positive effects of exposure to circulating estrogen and other hormones during pregnancy.

Also revealed if a family with many children, tend to support each other and close enough to each other. It was very good for heart health

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