Giving Vaccines More Effective in the Afternoon

Afternoon claimed to be the best time to vaccinate the children. In addition to the immune response to vaccines is better, the children also sleep more soundly after vaccination.

Quality sleep is essential post-vaccine because it would facilitate the immune response and increase antibody production.

“Babies are vaccinated in the afternoon and soundly sleeping longer than infants vaccinated at noon or in the morning,” said Dr. Kim Giuliano, a pediatrician from Cleveland Clinic, who was not involved in this study.

The study conducted by researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, involved 70 infants. The researchers found babies who got the vaccine after 1.30 in the afternoon sleep longer compared with infants vaccinated early.

Most infants who received vaccine injections increased daytime body temperature. Low-grade fever are treated by administering febrifuge (acetaminophen) is causing the baby to sleep is reduced.

According to Giuliano, parents should not be used to give acetaminophen in children after vaccinated to prevent fever.

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