Yawning Can Cool the Brain

Recent research concluded that yawning can help keep the brain cool. According to Gary Hack of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and Andrew Gallup, from Pinceston University, yawning was not triggered by factors boredom, fatigue, or lack of oxygen. Instead yawn help regulate brain temperature.

“The brain is very sensitive to temperature changes. Because it needs to be protected from overheating “, researchers said in a press release issued by University of Maryland Health Day edition. “The brain is like a computer, works fine when they are cold,” they said. The findings will appear in the December issue of the journal Medical Hypotheses.

According to the researchers, “During the yawn, the wall of the maxillary sinuses (located on the cheek on each side of the nose) sound like the lowing of cows and help keep the brain cool.”

The researchers also noted that the actual function of the sinus is still being debated. Therefore this theory is expected to help clarify this. “Very little understanding of the sinus, and few agree on the results of their research. Some scientists even believe that these sinuses have no function at all, “Hack said in a press release.

Furthermore, the researchers say that the theory of yawning can help cool the brain has implications in health. For example, excessive yawning often precede the symptoms of epilepsy and pain in people suffering from headaches (migraine). Because of that the doctor can use it as a way to identify patients with conditions that are influenced by temperature regulation.

“Excessive Yawning seems to be a symptom of certain existing conditions of the brain and the relationship between air temperature, such as central nervous system damage and disruption of sleep,” said Gallup.

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