Kiwi Maintain Blood Pressure

Eating fruits, especially kiwi, is good for health. A recent study explains that consuming at least three kiwifruit a day will help you keep your blood pressure.

As quoted from the pages of The Huffington Post, from the American Heart Association study found levels of green fruit that can lower high blood pressure.

In that study, at least 118 men and women aged over 55 years of observation. The respondents generally suffer from high blood pressure.

The researcher then divided them into two groups. One takes three kiwifruit a day for eight weeks. The rest ate an apple a day for eight weeks.

During the study period, it was found that those who consume kiwi have lower blood pressure than those who ate the apple.

The researchers said the kiwi is rich in lutein, which has antioxidant properties. Based on previous researchers, it is known that free radicals associated with the cause of high blood pressure. And antioxidants are believed to counteract free radicals.

Then the information released by the Ministry of Agriculture United States through the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2007 ago mentioned that the kiwi is a fruit with the highest antioxidant content, as well as wine and blueberris.

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