Tears Can Measure Diabetes

There is good news for diabetics. If you’ve been monitoring the blood sugar by pricking needles that makes a pain, it is likely it will be memories. The reason is  according to researchers, tears can provide the same information.

Scientists at the University of Michigan, United States, as quoted by www.huffingtonpost.com, develop a sensor that can detect levels of sugar diluted in water with eyes in animals. Research published in the Journal of Analytical Chemistry, the researchers tested 12 rabbits and found the level of glucose in tear can be associated with the rabbit blood sugar levels.

In that study, experts from the University of Michigan is not alone. According to the MSNBC report, a biomedical engineer at Arizona State University Jeffrey LaBelle has collaborated with Mayo Clinic to develop tear glucose monitoring technology with a simple device. The goal is to produce touch sensors to the whites of your eyes. After five seconds, then you tap into the device to read the glucose level.

Some people with diabetes need to take up to 10 per day the finger prick test to determine blood sugar levels accurately. It is hoped this new study provides an alternative solution is accurate and free from pain.

If people with diabetes do not regularly control their blood sugar, complications will arise from poor glycemic control. Medical News Today noted diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, non-traumatic lower-limb amputations, and new cases of blindness among adults in the United States.

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