List of Sex Passion killers

Loss of sex drive can certainly damage the harmony of your relationship and your partner. Well, to know what are the factors that can kill your sex drive, consider the following reviews:

In women, physical changes such as menopause can affect the physical intimacy and sexual desire. Although menopause itself does not affect the ability of women to have sex, decreased levels of hormones can cause some discomfort issues, such as vaginal dryness and pain during sex. This is why it took a long time to get an orgasm.

Many couples who do not understand and respond about impotence. Impotence is considered to be the main factor affecting your sex drive. According to the report, this condition is very common experienced by men aged 40 years and over.

Impotence occurs due to the difficulty of erection. The inability of the penis for erection that would result in penetration could not occur. So please be aware of early symptoms of impotence and its treatment.

If you always take the pill exposed to antidepressants or have symptoms of clinical depression, do not be surprised if your sex life suffered a major setback. One sign you’re depressed is a decreased interest in sex. Be aware that both the depression itself and antidepressant pills can affect your libido.

Lack of sleep
Consistent sleep patterns are important factors for improving your sex life passion. If you rely only at bedtime on the weekends, you actually lose money because you actually decrease libido.

The researchers believe that there is a relationship between insomnia with reduced sex drive. The fewer hours of sleep, then it triggers the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that plays a major role in reducing testosterone levels.

It is true that parenting is hard work and impact on mental and physical health. Then what about your sex life?

In fact, when a mother was busy taking care of her baby from morning till morning again, turned out to have an impact on the lack of manpower and time to get intimate with her partner. It is better you hire a nanny to take care of babies or took time to make love with a short time during the child is sleeping.

Too much Alcohol
Too much drinking of alcohol was associated with impotence and infertility (infertile) for both women and men. It is true drink a few glasses of wine can help boost your mood. However, unfortunately alcoholic beverages can also freeze the sex drive at the same time.

Drinking alcohol to excess in the long run affects the nervous system and interfere with impulses between the brain and pituitary gland and the genitals. In fact, recent clinical studies indicate that alcohol abuse can cause permanent damage to the nerves in the penis resulting in impotence.

Relationship problems
Marital or relationship problems causing a lack of trust and communication that it is a major obstacle to having an enjoyable and satisfying sex. Women, in particular, have the emotional side of sexual intimacy.

Therefore, it is very important to solve all the problems between you and your partner, such as infidelity, unresolved conflicts and poor communication to create a sex life into a better direction.

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