Should use soap every time the baby diaper change?

Should use soap every time the baby diaper change? “It depends on the condition of her diaper, if the diaper area clean without any impurities, then it should not use soap,” says pediatrician David Geller, as quoted from Babycenter.

But if there is dirt babies in diapers that need to be cleaned, then use a wet washcloth or a soft towel with or without soap. If you really want to use soap then make sure it does not contain ingredients that can trigger allergies to infants.

“It could also use wet wipes, most tissues highly hypoallergenic and does not irritate baby’s skin. Make sure tissues are unscented and alcohol-free,” he said.

Geller said when using paper towels, rub it gently because if too frequent or hard can cause irritation. If irritation to the skin first then let the skin to heal and find out the cause if the soap, diapers or content of the material in wet wipes.

When cleaning or wiping always from front to back so as not to spread bacteria that can cause urinary tract infections, and do not forget to clean areas like the buttocks crease. Then wait until dry before putting the diaper back so as not to trigger a rash on the skin.

Diaper rash is a condition that is often experienced by babies, though not dangerous but you should consult with your doctor if the rash lasts more than 2 days or worsen.

To prevent diaper change regularly, especially after a bowel movement, then rub gently (do not rub) and use the ointment to prevent or cure the rash. If possible leave a baby without a diaper on certain days.

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