Be careful with your face skin!

Our skin is very delicate and need proper care to look perfect and beautiful. If you want to have healthy and perfect skin, look and evaluate the bad habits that can damage the skin beauty.

1. Sleeping without a clean make-up in the face.
Just imagine you will make your skin work very hard with the make-up. Fats and oils on your skin are the main ticket that makes the clogged pores. The result, serious skin problems will spy on you.

2. Using expired cosmetics
Sometimes we are still using old cosmetics that have not been used up. Discard the habit. Be careful in looking at your cosmetic expiration dates. Makeup products should not be used for more than 12 months after the seal is opened.

3. Overwrite makeup without cleaning
Usually we use make-up when it will move. After a day of makeup would be a little faded. Do not try to apply makeup without cleaning it first. It will clog your pores which eventually became the cause of irritation and acne.

4. Using a makeup brush is dirty
Make-up brushes require proper maintenance to be cleaned. Using a dirty makeup brush can experience various skin problems. Brush make-up cosmetics as well as particles accumulated dead skin cells that create the perfect environment for bacteria. Mildest way, try to clean makeup brushes with warm water.

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