Thin body because of descendants?

Some people can eat anything, without worrying about body weight gain. In fact, people like that just given a thin body. Why did it happen?

Research conducted at Imperial College London, UK, in collaboration with the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, found that thin people have the genes of chromosome too many so they have a body like that. Sometimes the gene was duplicated, or given a copy of the parent.

Genes are stretches of DNA code that provides instructions for making proteins. They generally come in pairs and are stored in the chromosomes, as well as packaged with the DNA inherited from each parent to child.

However, sometimes the chromosomes in the pair can be deleted or duplicated. When that happens, there can be too many copies of a particular gene or too little. As a result, genes become active or inactive in the body.

The researchers examined the DNA of more than 95 thousand people. The respondents diiukur with body mass index (BMI), with results below the 18.5 kilograms per square meter. Based on research, one of two thousand people have a gene that duplicated and made ??23 times more men were underweight, and the women five times more likely.

In connection with skinny genes, Froguel said, the dogma that we have two copies of each gene was not entirely true. Sometimes genes can be lost or gained. “The genome is full of holes where the gene is missing, and in other places we have extra copies of genes. In many cases, duplications and deletions have no effect, but sometimes they can cause disease,” he said.

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