Fat inborn not necessarily Obesity

Nutritionists and doctors have repeatedly reminded many of us who have congenital or obese body weight increased from birth. Do not worry, those with body weight as it does look fatter as a result of DNA, does not mean obesity.

According to a study by the University of Cambridge, England, against 220 thousand people from around the world. The result, although the respondents attempted to lose weight by any means, but they still look fat. The women with body types like that think that they are powerless against their weight.

But obese people with type congenital quickly once it was experiencing weight gain to 69 percent if he is not much moving or controlling their food intake. Researchers advocate for that kind of person should perform physical activity in order to obtain a stable body weight.

Conversely, for some can eat anything, without worrying about body weight gain. In fact, people like that just given a thin body. It turned out that thin people have the genes of chromosome too many so they have a body like that.


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