Stress Women Tend to Have Baby Girl

One study revealed that women who experience stress and want to get pregnant were more likely to give birth to a baby girl. A study conducted by Oxford University revealed that women with higher levels of cortisol are most likely to give birth to baby girl instead of expectant mothers who do not stress.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced in response to stress. The scientists also found their highest level cortisol only 25 percent likely to give birth to a baby boy.

The study examined 207 women in the months before they become pregnant. The experts found that women who experience short-term stress and fatigue will take longer to become pregnant.

Dr. Cecilia Pyper of the Department of Public Health at the University Ofxord said, “This research aimed at healthy women in Britain who were trying to have a baby. This research is important because we need to identify ways for pregnancy and babies who are born as healthy as possible. ”

This study, she continued, examining the level of stress in women contemplating pregnancy. The research also identified that fatigue and stress in pregnant women can cause problems during pregnancy and also the development of the baby.

Added Pyper, women who want to get pregnant have been told how important taking folic acid for their babies, also for them to stop smoking and checking rubella immunity against the virus. “If the study is confirmed by larger studies, then the possibility of women are also advised to reduce stress,” he said.

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