Alcoholics women experience more fast brain damage

Women alcoholics suffer from brain damage more quickly than those who did not. In alcoholic women, part of the brain that control mood and urge to sleep will be affected liquor.

According to researchers from Gothenburg University, due to alcohol addicted, women experienced a 50 percent reduction in sorotinin on their brain function. This was after four years of habit made. While in men with the same amount of damage seen after 12 years addicted.

“The decline is growing much more rapidly in women,” said Kristina Berglaund one of the researchers who conducted the study with researchers from the Department of Psychology, as well as researchers from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Gothenburg University.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter of the brain that, among other things, essential to the development and treatment of depression and chronic anxiety. He also mengatir impulse control and ability to sleep and wakefulness.

The researchers studied several brain functions of 42 people – one third of them are women – who claimed to alcohol addict, along with 28 control subjects who did not have a dependency. “We see that individuals who experience alcohol dependence had significantly lower serotonin function,” says Berglund reported.

The women who participated in the study said they drank alcohol on average the equivalent of 12 bottles of wine a week for four years. While men have been drinking the same amount for 12 years

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