What is the Best Age for Women Enjoying Sex?

Compared to men, women is not easy to enjoy sexual relations. Women also sometimes difficult to get satisfaction or orgasm. But what is the best age of women enjoying sex?

According to the survey, married women who entered the age of 40 years will feel the best sex life in her lifetime.

In a recent survey by Top Sante magazine showed that women’s sex lives will improve after her children grew up and started to leave the house, which is roughly when women aged over 40 years.

Approximately 91 percent of women with children aged less than 18 years admitted that not too much to enjoy sexual life.

While 60 percent of women who have children aged over 18 years admitted their sexual relationship improved after her children moved or no longer in the same house with him.

“Sexual adventure actually begins when the kids get older or have left home, so the woman has a beliefs and experiences to enjoy sex more than ever,” said Nicola Down, editor of Top Sante, as reported by the Telegraph, Tuesday (10/05/2010) .

According to Down, the survey results indicate that married women who enter their 40s most claim to have the best sex lives.

“It’s very sad when 8 out of 10 women think does not have a positive image of old women. The truth is that older women have enough time to enjoy a wonderful sex life,” Down explained.

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