Sex While Pregnant, Why Not?

Many couples who may be thinking if having intercourse can damage the fetus or endanger the uterus. Another reason you should refrain from sex during pregnancy is vaginal bleeding, abdominal cramping even the cervix can also occur.

But for some people, sex during pregnancy is a fun activity. They see this from the bright side. Here are the reasons sex enjoyable during pregnancy from Yourtango:

  1. Pregnancy hormones can actually increase your sex drive during the first three months.
  2. Growing breasts, rounded belly, and glowing skin, make a woman feel sexy and self-confidence.
  3. Trying a new position because of the stomach continues to expand, it can be a challenge fun.
  4. Pregnant women orgasm more easily. This course can reduce your stress while waiting the birth of this little angel.
  5. Regular sex during pregnancy will add a warm relationship between you and your partner. Because of the men will treat you so gently, remembering when pregnant women to be weak.

Take time to talk with your partner about pregnancy symptoms and activities of “night” with a clear mind. Do not force the will, and see positive results. So, sex while pregnant, why not?

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