Sleep alone make the baby Stress

Babies should sleep in the same bed with their mothers until they are aged at least three years. This suggestion comes from a pediatrician who found that two-day-old infant is placed in cribs less well than those who slept in his mother’s chest.

The doctor claims, sleep apart from the mother’s sleep will make them become more stressful.

Researchers are concerned, sleeping alone makes it more difficult bound mothers with their children and can damage the developing brain that causes bad behavior as the child’s growth.

Dr. Nils Bergman, of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, says that for optimal development, the newborn should sleep in their mother’s breast during the first few weeks. After that, they must be together in one bed with her mother until they are three or even four years.

In this study, as many as 16 infants studied while they were sleeping in the mother’s chest and was in the crib. The results of cardiac monitoring revealed the baby are sleep alone three times less stressful than baby who sleep with their mother.

Being in bed also makes sleep disturbed infants, babies’ brains tend to be less cyclical or make the transition between the two types of so-called active sleep and quiet.

In the crib, only six of 16 babies who sleep quietly and quality is much worse. This transition is expected to be the key to normal development of the brain.

Animal studies have linked stress and sleep deprivation combined with behavioral problems in adolescence.
Dr. Bergman said that the brain changes caused by stress hormones may make it more difficult to form relationships later in life.

However, several studies linking bed sharing increases the risk of cot death and the fear that a mother would roll over and hit her son. But women in general oppose it.

In a British study recently of sudden infant death, nearly two-thirds of cases can not be described as sharing a bed. However, Dr. Bergman said when the baby suffocated and died in bed, it’s not because of the presence of their mothers. “This is because other things: toxic fumes, cigarettes, alcohol, big pillows, and dangerous toys,” he explained.

Professor George Haycock of the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, said: “Our position as a foundation is that we owe to the public to recommend that the safest place is when using existing bedding in parents’ room,” he said.

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