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Dark Chocolate may Prevent Health Damages from Stroke ?

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University, believe they have found a single biochemical compounds that are naturally found in dark chocolate, can help protect the body from a stroke.

Previous studies have shown that flavanols, known as epikatekin, protecting the body from cardiovascular disease and stroke.

In the current study, researchers induced stroke in mice and then gave them epikatekin to observe how chemical elements react in their bodies, as quoted from Natural News.

“We gave epikatekin with different doses in rats 90 minutes before the stroke, and found that it reduces infarct size (damage due to stroke). When we give epikatekin after stroke, it has a protective effect up to 3.5 hours later, but not after six hours,” said Sylvain Dore research dreamer.

The researchers found that two-lane epikatekin activate chemical known to protect brain cells from damage, Nrf2 and heme oxygenase. Epikatekin not have a protective effect in mice genetically modified to have a little Nrf2 and heme oxygenase.

The researchers showed that epikatekin may one day be the basis for protecting the brain from the damage of drugs to those who suffer a stroke.

Three-hour duration of the benefits of protection are very encouraging, because modern medicine protect in a shorter time. However, Dore warned still need time for many years before such treatment is developed.

In the meantime, researchers warn consumers not to eat chocolate with greedy to protect their heart. High sugar content in chocolate can cause other health problems.

“Chocolate has a lot of calories. I’m talking about small amounts of dark chocolate rather than chocolate in general,” said Martin Lajous, flavanol researchers and doctoral candidates from Harvard University.

I prefer to focus on cocoa. Cocoa does not like chocolate, rich in saturated fat and calories. Cocoa could be part of a healthy diet, combined with fruits and vegetables, “said Dore.

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