Male Biological Clock Slow Start Age 41

Who says only women are affected by the fear of missed periods golden age to reproduce? Men were also haunted by the same fear. Because the male biological clock slows down when the age of 41 years and over. Thus the results of recent research that has been presented at the annual conference of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, recently.

Unique facts came to light after a 41-year-old donor sperm failed to fertilize eggs of good quality, which comes from a healthy young woman. The researchers found when the age of 41 years a man has only to do 60 percent chance of conception. Whereas after the age of 45 years, chances are it fell by 35 percent.

“Age a big influence. Men have biological clocks too. It’s not like women, but they also have a golden period in the matter of reproduction. For men who want to have offspring, it is better not wait too long,” said study leader, Paula Fettback

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