Feminine women are prone to having many children

A new study finds that a female character or feminine personalities tend to have more children. Really?

Based on research by scientists at St Andrews University, which included 25 young women mentioned by looking at the shape of the face, a man can find out if his wife wanted to have large families or not.

The respondents were asked about how and when they want to have children. 25 respondents were also measured levels of estrogen in the body.

According to research, feminine-looking women who tend to have large families.

“The more estrogen that they have, the more children they want. We were quite surprised by these strong results,” said Miriam Law Smith of St Andrews University.

As quoted Dailymail, Miriam Law Smith is a researcher who is often studied his face. In that study, he and his team also conducted a second study of 25 female respondents were divided into several groups. The respondents were then photographed and questioned about their desire to have children.

Dr Law Smith then create a composite facial image of a woman who has her very strong instinct. He also drew a combined face of women who are less interested in having more children.

From the results of his research was revealed, feminine-looking women like actress Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon and Jools Oliver are those who tend to have many children. It is in fact the three actresses that have more than one child.

Women who want to have many children have a sharp nose, large eyes and thick lips. Woman with a face like that would at least have four children.

While women are less interested had many children, her face is not as soft as a woman who would bear many children.

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