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Reasons Women Over ‘Mighty’ from Men

The general opinion stating man is the most powerful gender. But one study found the opposite.

A scientific findings reveal gender is created to resist infection, cancer and bolster the immune system to fight disease. Studies show, women are more powerful immune system than men. That is why men are more prone to ‘man flu’. Scientists believe that the immune system is no better men than women. This is because the X chromosome in the weaker sex.

Women are more powerful because of the microRNA, or better known as the RNA contained in the chromosomes. RNA is the genetic brother of DNA and have important biological roles.

A recent study published in the journal BioEssays call, MicroRNA memunyai disabling effects of immunity genes in the male X chromosome. This resulted in losses in men because men have only one X chromosome While women have two X chromosomes, which still has one more when one chromosome is disabled.

“Statistics show that a man just like other mammals, species of androgynous women live longer than men and are better able to withstand the attack of toxins in the blood, infection and trauma,” said study leader, Dr. Claude Libert from the University of Ghent in Belgium, as quoted from the Telegraph.

He added that this is due to the human X chromosome that contains 10 percent of the microRNA in the body. Some of the X chromosome containing the microRNA is expected to have important functions in immunity and cancer.

From a biological standpoint, this difference may exist because women are more concerned about the survival of the species. They can survive the infection when pregnant and raising children.

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