Why Women Easily Offended?

Fluctuating hormones are often blamed to be the cause why most women are much easier to complain, grumble and irritable. In fact it’s actually the nature of genetically inherited.

Scientific research shows that women are genetically programmed to be irritable and aggressive. This is partly because women have a serotonin receptor gene, which is called the 2C gene. The good news, not all women inherit the gene.

The hormone serotonin is associated with feelings of anger and aggression, either in humans or animals. Studies have shown an increase in serotonin activity associated with reduced aggressive behavior.

Irritable attitude turned out to be one marker of several conditions of health problems, one of which is hypertension and heart disease.

Although often irritable, stubborn, and irritable, it turns out those qualities are valued as a form of self-confidence and mostly owned by people who are strong personality. Therefore, people with a stubbornness that is considered attractive to the opposite sex.

But what if it is inherited gene irritable it can not be changed? Of course. Since environmental factors have the ability to control, influence, even alter the genetic factors.

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