Light the Passion in 5 Minutes

When your marriage is starting to feel like a friendship, sex life was so monotonous. Do something to activities like sex back at the beginning of marriage, always memorable and long-awaited!

According to Bonnie Jacobsen, Ph.D., author of Save Your Marriage in Five Minutes a Day, attention is devoted to couples just five minutes a day is enough to sacrifice the passion that started out.

Jacobsen Follow the tips below, including for those who want to preserve a romantic atmosphere with your partner. Try one of them every night.

1. Provide in-depth look

Adage says, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Let your partner understand your feelings of love through her eyes. In between exciting conversation at dinner together, provide a seductive gaze. Let the spark of attraction came back like when you first meet him.

2. Give the secret signals

Brief blink of the eye or touch the ears may not mean anything to others but can mean “I want you” to you both. Having a secret signal can also be a tool for wives who still awkward if you want to ask “quota” to the husband. Moreover, sometimes the body language a lot faster to make up dariapa passionate verbal greeting.

3. Wear a sexy nightgown

Sometimes small changes can have a major impact. One way is to try a sexy nightwear. If you are not comfortable with the clothes that are too open, choose a closed thin or show your curves a little pampering eyes.

4. He is the only

Remind yourself that your partner is the only person in this world that can satisfy your sexual needs. Think that he is the person you choose to be loved and most understand your feelings. This feeling will gradually return back the romance that began to disappear in the marriage.

5. Laugh together

Routine work in an office and a long list of household tasks as leaves no time for you both to enjoy time together. Spend at least five minutes to sit down together and talk about things funny and interesting. Laugh at the same thing not just break the ice but also can link back to the emotional closeness with a partner.

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