Tips : Lose Weight Without Diet

Dizziness due body weight never decreases? Now, do not need to lose weight by dieting. Such small steps to reduce food portions, the selection of a friend when eating, and getting used to eating at home will make major changes in our bodies.

According to research from Cornell University in the United States, when someone uses when they eat a small plate will give the sensation of eating enough. This way your metabolism will get used to not eat the portion of the excess.

In addition, the selection of a friend while eating could provide a substantial contribution when one wants to lose weight. A woman will reduce meal portions when eating with fellow men. Meanwhile, having friends was thin with a big appetite can stimulate us to eat larger portions. This is because, they make us think of eating large meals

“Better to make small changes in the long run in stages, instead of using our will to resist small temptations” says psychologist Roy Bauminster.

Someone who prefer to eat at home have a healthier diet. As Laurette Dube statement to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrsi. “When positive emotions are associated with a healthy diet while in the home environment, then they will always be encouraged to choose healthier foods that lead to happiness ourselves,” he said.

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