Vegetarian Diet to recover renal

The vegetarian diet turned out to be able to avoid the buildup of phosphorus in the body of toxins, especially for those people with chronic kidney disease (CKD). According to a study from Indiana University School of Medicine and the Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center, United States, recently.

Kidney disease patients should limit their intake of phosphorus, if high levels of minerals in the body can lead to heart disease until the death. Meanwhile, according to medical guidelines, restrictions can be done with a diet low in phosphorus. But unfortunately, not all foods include fosor levels on their food labels.

Sharon Moe, leader of the research, studied the effects of vegetarian and meat diets. Then compare them based on phosphorus levels on nine patients with CKD for approximately four weeks. Blood and urine tests were performed on every weekend.

The result, although the levels of protein in the body and the concentration of phosphorus equivalent for both diets, patients have high levels of phosphorus in the blood is lower. There was also a decrease in phosphorus excretion in the urine for those vegetarian diets compared with meat-based diet. The researchers concluded that the source of protein in the diet has a significant effect on levels of phosphorus in patients with CKD

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