Baby milk formula can lead obesity for Healthy Babies


Formula milk is actually destined for premature babies or less severe, but to a healthy baby should not rush to give infant formula to limit exclusive breastfeeding. Why is infant formula is not suitable for healthy babies?

From research by British scientists found in healthy baby who formula-fed it can cause obesity that trigger heart disease and diabetes later.

The results mentioned formula-fed enriched with protein, vitamins and other nutrients when administered in normal infants it can cause obesity (overweight) when children aged 5 years.

The study found that healthy infants fed formula milk will experience weight gain 22 to 38 percent faster than breast-fed babies. This is because infants receive too many calories in the early period of growth.

Well, this condition can lead to obesity in children and increases health risks, especially heart disease and diabetes.

Previous research showed that 20 percent of obesity in adults can be caused by excess nutrients or excessive weight gain in early infancy and infant development.

Milk formula that has undergone enrichment is recommended for infants who are born less weight or premature and not for healthy infants who were born with normal weight.

“This study really want to highlight about the small amount of mothers who want to breastfeed their babies and just give formula-fed,” explained study leader Professor Atul Singhal of the MRC Childhood Nutrition Research Centre at University College, London, as quoted by Dailymail, Monday (10/04/2010).

Prof Singhal said that many mothers who gave birth to healthy babies are reluctant to give milk to their babies for various reasons.

Though various studies show breastfed babies consume enough calories to regulate intake according to individual needs. This capability is expected to be the reason that breastfed infants likely to not have obesity problems.

In research results published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the researchers conducted a study on newborn babies in hospitals in Cambridge, Nottingham, Leicester and Glasgow.

Breast milk is the ideal nutrition for newborns. Breast milk contains components of lactose, protein and fat that is easily digested by the digestive system of a newborn baby. Milk also contains all the natural components of vitamins and minerals needed by the infant.

There are many benefits that can be taken if the mother gives breast milk to her baby, such as to increase the bond between mother and baby. In addition, breast milk also may protect babies from allergies, asthma, diabetes, obesity and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Another advantage is that infants who consume breast milk during the first 6 months has a high IQ is 5-10 times higher than babies who do not consume Breast milk.

Skin contact between mother and infant may increase the emotional bonds between them and the mother’s milk also provides benefits to the mother, because mothers can burn calories and reduce the risk of breast cancer after menopaouse later.

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