Want Success 69 sex style? here’s the trick

69 Sex-style, or soixante-neuf in French terms, it could be a miracle, or even a nightmare if you forget the rules.

Well, here are some tricks you can do to maximize the stimulation against the couple.

Keep the cleanliness
Obscene or inappropriate impression will go away if you maintain personal hygiene. In order for you and your spouse can each enjoy this style, you should bathe first before acting. A clean body and fragrance will make you more passionate.

Avoid oral sex if you’re exposed to canker sores or chapped lips. Certain disorders of the mouth may invite the risk of oral transmission of disease to the recipient.

Long foreplay
One key to enjoyment in the activity of 69 is insufficient lubrication to you. Therefore, do the foreplay first. Bathing with your partner, for example, could be a means to do foreplay.

No need to rush
You do not need to focus on the genital area alone during the pose. You also need to pay attention by giving a kiss on the inside of the thighs or pubic bone. Also use your hands to be more creative arousing your partner.

Do not be lazy
69 is the concept of mutual giving and receiving at the same time. So, just because you felt it was approaching the climax does not mean you immediately quit to concentrate achieve it.

Conversely, do not be too focused to accept it. Change the position that makes you both feel happy. If possible, reach orgasm simultaneously.

Do not forget, the couple would be happy if you are able to enjoy the stimulation that he gave. Therefore, show that you enjoy it. With a groan, for example, you are giving a clear sign that he’s good at doing its job. You also need to tell your partner if there is something you do not like. Tell me also what he should do.

Imagination play
You should not use the tongue only to provide stimulation to the couple. Also use a vibrator, fingers, lips, or anything that would make him feel happy. Give stimulation also in other areas on his body, like the inner thighs, lower abdomen, or perineum.

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