When Baby Can start swimming ?

Movements when swimming can help to train the legs and hands, heart and respiratory system of infants. Besides playing in the water will make the kids happy and closer to her parents. When the benefits of swimming activity can be so much, when your baby may be invited to swim?

There are two views regarding the most appropriate age to invite children to swim. Some believe the baby could be introduced on the activity if the head started swimming when she was being held in an upright sitting position.

Coaching swimming at an early age is considered easier for children because at the time his brain like a sponge that will absorb all the information it receives. Another view says the best time is when the infants aged 6-12 months.

According to Rita Goldbergs, a former British national swimmer and a coach, the key to train children to swim is done with a soft, pleasant and without trauma.

Ancient idea that the child plunged directly into the pool even though children do not have the ability to swim according to Rita is not recommended. He argued it would make children become traumatized and afraid of the water. Besides the natural instinct of children in the water also will not appear if a child is forced to swim.

Although many parents assess dangerous take baby to the pool, actually baby will see the pool as a vast playground. Hence a baby must be really enjoying his first experience in the pool.

The courage of children in the pool can be done in stages because there are children who fear so his body exposed to water. You can also ask her to sing while teaching swimming skills, such as foot pedal movement or floating on their backs. In order for children to feel safe, make sure you are always nearby.

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